Bibliografía para Lengua Inglesa II (2013)
Universidad: UNT
Facultad: Facultad de Filosofía y Letras
Profesor: Marta León de Mondino
a) Textbooks :
-Obee, Bob and Evans, Virginia, (2008). Upstream Upper Intermediate, (Units 1 –10) Express Publishing.

b) Intensive Reading Material :

Specially Designed Booklets and Study Guides:
-Cultural Awareness: An Insight into American and British Identity and Culture.
-Culturally Responsive Reading in the Language Class. .( A selection of Short Stories with guided language activities).
  Short stories:

·    “A Guardian Angel”  by  Ruskin Bond

·       “Ha´Penny”  by Alan Paton

·       “A Message from the Pigman “by John Wain

·    “Enoch’s Two Letters” byAlan Sillitoe

·    “Dead Men’s Path” by  Chinua Achebe

·    “Visit to the Dentist” by  Maya Angelou

·    “A Really Splendid Evening” by Lesley Rowlands

·    “A Drink In The Passage” by Alan Paton

·       A Child’s Story – Charles Dickens

·    “The First Seven Years” by Bernard Malamud

·    “Games at Twilight” by Anita Desai

·   “The Boss” by Dan Jacobson


c) Set Books for Extensive Reading :

-Ngugi Wa Thiongo, Weep Not Child (novel)
-Austin, Jane. Sense and Sensibility (novel) *
-Wilde, Oscar, The Importance of Being Earnest (play) *

*The students will also see the corresponding film on this book.

d) Supplementary Material :



-          Ashby, Patricia (2011) Undestanding Phonetics.  Hodder Education

-          Evans, Virginia, (1998).Successful Writing Upper Intermediate, Express Publishing.

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-          Wellman,Guy, (1992)The Heinemann Wordbuilder, Heinemann.

Other Sources :

-Magazines, newspapers, the Internet, etc.

e) Dictionaries :

-Macmillan English Dictionary for Advanced Learners

-Oxford Advanced Learner Dictionary of Current English

-Oxford Guide to British and American Culture (second edition)

-Webster’s New World Dictionary

-Longman’s Dictionary of Contemporary English

-Longman’s Lexicon of Contemporary English

-Longman’s Language Activator

-Longman’s Dictionary of Phrasal Verbs

-Longman’s Dictionary of Language and Culture

-NTC’s American Idiom Dictionary

-NTC’s Contemporary American Slang Dictionary

-NTC’s Common American Phrases in Everyday Contexts.

- Simon and Schuster, Diccionario Internacional Inglés-Español, Español-Inglés